About Christine

I'm a mixed-media teaching artist based in Durham, NC. Currently, I am an Art Specialist at the Levin Jewish Community Center in Durham, and an Art Instructor at ARTpost, also in Durham.  

At ARTpost, I teach a wide variety of private lessons and classes in a range of media. For more info on our lessons and classes, visit www.happymessart.com .

I continue to take commissioned pet portrait work as well as abstract work for home, office, or gifts. My work is currently hanging at Studio 1 shop at The Carrack art museum in Durham, NC. Studio 1 is a collective display of the work of local artists and artisans from the Durham area. Check us out on IG at @studio1durham

My abstract mixed-media work is currently an exploration of color, texture and line as a representation of the interconnectedness of the past, present, and tomorrow. Much of my abstractions portray amorphic shape connected by lines which intersect and form new spaces. There is a high reflective quality in some of the materials I use. This body of work is more about the process in combining the carefully chosen materials, than is planned with a specific outcome. I don't always know when I will stop until I do. I have a good friend that says, "I get hella-bored if I know how it will turn out", and I concur.

I'm a big fan of the natural world, hiking, gardening, and being in the sun. Many of the shapes that reoccur in my work are influenced by things that grow, wither, and perhaps bloom.  I adore animals, especially dogs, which are my children/family. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the APS and support them through the sales of some of my work.