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Reception: VECTORS - Duke Student Union Building, Brodhead Gallery

Vectors is an exploration of the correlation of color, line, and texture and how their relationships convey direct actions, harmony and discord. It is about Doing, not Thinking about Doing. Action painting is a term that applies to this body of work, and mirror is added to each composition to portray ever-shifting thoughts of the self and the self seen in context with one’s surroundings.

Vectors are trajectories; they are the course, the route on which information travels. This series has become much more intuitive than I had planned, as art can be less interesting if i know how it will end up. Compositions often become entirely different from how they first looked. Knowing that every action leads to some sort of new view or perspective, I alter formerly complete works, building inertia on an ever-changing picture plane.

Earlier Event: January 18
Kinship- Artist's talk and Afternoon Tea